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The AquaSpring LED illuminated Pet Water Fountain is a 2 litre high capacity water fountain for both dogs and cats and is available in three colours, Blue, Pink and Green.  The AquaSpring water fountain is supplied with a carbon filter which is replaceable.  This ensures that your pet is always offered clean water which helps with proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.  The AquaSpring fountain is fitted with a 2 speed pump that allows adjustment of the water flow to suit, is super silent when running and is easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning purposes. The bowl which is removable is dishwasher safe and BPA free. The AquaSpring LED Illuminated Pet Water Fountain comes to life at night with impressive illumination! Supplied with UK and EU mains adaptors.

Aqua Spring Illuminated Water Fountain

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