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Feeding Guide

Dog                      Weight                 Feed          Cost

Toy - Miniature           5kg                            50 grams        17p

Small                        10kg                           100 grams       33p

Medium                     20kg                           200 grams       66p

biscuit Kibble for dogs

Large                        40kg                           400 grams        £1.32

Giant                         60kg                          600 grams        £1.98

Feeding quantities may vary depending upon your dogs breed, age and level of activity.

A 2kg bag of Pip's Pet Food will usually last a small dog of around 7.5kg on average around 30 days.

A 12kg bag of Pip's Pet Food will usually last a large dog of around 40kg on average around 30 days.

Subject to breed, age and activity level

Feeding your dog a high quality diet, which provides all the essential nutrition they need costs less than you think ...

You can feed a medium - large breed dog for as little as 99p per day.

When feeding Pip's Pet Food, dogs typically eat up to 25% less than with a cereal based feed, because there are no cheap fillers or bulking agents within our food.

By giving your dog a healthier diet, can also reduce the cost of supplements and visiting the vets.

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