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Meet the Gang & Read All About Us.

About Us

We started in the UK in 2011.
We started back in 2011 in the UK a small run firm that had a lot of different lines, Like all companies we had good times and a few bad times. We did a lot of our sales through our website, as well as at dog shows and events all over the country.


Our Own Branded Foods.
After all the years we have worked selling across the UK we have gained a lot of experience & Knowledge in what is good for our customers and what they like to buy and what value for money really is. Our customers are your pets, they will help you to decide what is great for them, nothing but the best is available from us. This is our guarantee to you.All of our foods are free from additives and preservatives and are all natural.



Our Guarantee to you.
The quality of our goods are perfect for your dog(s). We guarantee that the food we sell is of the highest quality and that your dog(s) will love it. 

The dog food we sell is our own branded food which has been tried and taste tested by our own dogs. If the food is good enough for our own fussy dogs, believe my they don't come any fussier than our own. Then we would not sell it to you for your own dogs.



Pet Munchies & Our Premium Dog Food Range.
Pet Munchies are a guaranteed as Hypoallergenic & Gluten Free Products. 

Our Premium Range of Dog Food is great and you also have a choice between choosing Gluten Free or Grain Free to help with your dogs .

Paperwork evidence is available for your viewing upon request via email to our office staff, who are more than willing to send you the write up if needed.

As a company we have nothing to hide and will gladly show you anything that you require that does not breach any Data Protection Laws within any country.

Meet Our Pets

Martha the Mali

Hi, I am Martha (Mars)
I am a Belgian Shepherd. I love the food that we sell, I am a food monster that loves my treats and biscuits. Very nutritious and good for me and help to keep my coat nice and conditioned.

Come have a try you will love it.


Hey There, I'm Amber
Hey everyone, I am Amber happy go lucky without a care in the world, I enjoy playing games and especially love the Pet Munchie treats I am given for being such a good and clever girl.

Bingo Cute.JPG

I'm Bingo
Hey there, i'm the big brother to the girls, I see you have met them. We are a nice big family, love to have fun running and playing. 

It is with sadness that Bingo went a walk over rainbow bridge July 2022. But he is still watching over his sisters


I'm Lucy
Hey there, i'm the girls older sister, I see you have met them. We are a nice big family, we all loved to play together and to chill together.

It is with sadness that Lucy went for a walk over rainbow bridge December 2021

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